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There are currently two ways we can work together on a one to one basis. Have a look at both of my coaching offers below and discover which one speaks to you the most. If either of them feel like a 'hell yes' to you, let's jump on a free, no obligation discovery call and connect.

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My Vibe My Life

4-Week 1:1 Coaching Programme

This is for you if you are:

Feeling stuck with how to make progress in your creative career

Tired of holding back and dealing with imposter syndrome

Feeling like a small fish in a big pond and lacking fulfilment

Feeling like your journey is entirely out of your hands

And you are ready to:

Live unapologetically in alignment with who you are

Empower yourself, taking massive action on your goals

Prioritise your fulfilment in life as a creative

Develop unshakeable confidence and belief in yourself


In this transformational programme, we take the session exactly where you need it to go each week based on your unique goals, your progress and where you are in life with no pre-defined structure. We work on releasing your limitations in order to get you living a life you absolutely thrive in.


You will have unlimited Whatsapp support available from me in between sessions as well as midweek check-ins to help you truly take your life to the next level.

As a little bonus, I include a 30-minute check in session one month after your final session to keep you accountable and amp up the support!

I’m all about creating high vibe energy and will be your personal hype woman every step of the way.

Investment: £650 (payment plans available)

Deep Dive

One-off 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session

This is for you if you are:

Lacking clarity on your goals

Struggling in one specific area of your creative career 

Nervous about an upcoming project or casting

Needing to kickstart your momentum to take creative action

And you are ready to:

Become crystal clear on what you uniquely want in life

Create an action plan for the next steps in your creative career

Trust yourself and re-ignite your confidence

Commit to shaking things up and going all in for yourself


This 90 minute session is perfect for you if you are not yet ready to commit to a 4-week coaching programme and would instead prefer to go all in for one session, giving you the tools you need to move forward with your goals yourself right now.

One week after your session, you'll receive a check-in email to keep you accountable and levelling up! I'm always excited to hear what's next for you.

Investment: £150 

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So what actually is coaching?

Coaching is a structured process in which you gain clarity on what you want and on who you are, gain new perspectives, shift your mindset to support you and your goals, build empowerment and commit to taking action on what you truly want in life, all facilitated through a powerful coach-client partnership in every session.  

How often are the coaching sessions?

In My Vibe My Life, you get 1 x 60 minute session per week (4 in total). You also have access to me through Whatsapp in between sessions to work through any other challenges that come up for you, celebrate your successes and keep you accountable.

In Deep Dive, you get a one-off 1 x 90 minute session.

Is coaching the same as mentoring?

No. As a coach, I believe that you have all the answers you need within you, I'm just here to bring them out of you. I am not a teacher and won't be telling you how to live your life - you do YOU! 

Is coaching the same as therapy?

No. Coaching is future focussed with an emphasis on achieving your goals. Instead of looking to heal the past, I help you empower your future. In saying this, we do dip into your past if there is something that has to be released in order to level up your future. 

What is a discovery call?

A Zoom call lasting around 30 minutes where we can connect and get to know each other, find out what you need from coaching and if you feel that my offers and myself as a coach are the right fit for you. I'm a huge advocate of working with a coach who you really connect with as it's a hugely personal process and a discovery call allows for this exploration. 

I don't know which coaching offer to choose, can we chat about both?

Absolutely, your discovery call is the perfect way to explore this decision. Together we will uncover what you need from coaching and go into depth about each coaching offer as well as the coaching process itself.  

What payment plans do you offer?

Payment plans are available for My Vibe My Life and there are three you can choose from - paying in full (£650), two month payment plan (two equal payments of £325), three month payment plan (first payment of £250 followed by two equal payments of £200).

Ashley’s 4 week coaching programme has been an enlightening and profound time in my self development journey. The resources Ashley provides I will take with me and use to constantly raise my vibration. Ashley is an incredible accountability partner and she is there with you every step of the way & there after! She is there to help you crystalise your dreams which creates action and ultimately- results. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Ashley and for choosing to invest in myself and my creative career.


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Client Testimonials

In all honesty Ashley has completely turned my life around. Before coaching with her I was so un confident and had such a lack of self belief, I worried so much about other people’s opinions that it really held me back at times.

Previous experiences stuck with me and stopped me from moving forward and being the best bad ass version of me. Well... no more!!


I worked through everything with Ashley over the past 4 weeks and I can honestly say I’m a new person, the person I truly am who has been trying to get through all this time. I now have no limits and if I want to achieve something I absolutely know I can do it. I can do anything I set my mind to. Not only have I noticed such a change but my friends and family have too. It honestly just feels amazing to be my true self and free from all these worries and emotions that were holding me back for so long.

Ashley you are incredible and I can never thank you enough for what you have done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ashley is a remarkable work coach, she highlights your strengths and helps you make you feel like the best version of yourself. The skills and tools she uses means that she will never tell you what to do, she helps you find your own answers. She has the perfect attitude which is so infectious. Ashley has helped me so much and currently experiencing the results. I couldn't be more thankful.



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